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(14 January 2015)

The Challenge by Brigadier SL Humphrey OBE, Royal Artillery
Project Officer Ubique 300


Ubique 300

The following has been received by a number of Artillery associations along with the contents below being posted on Facebook:

On the 26th May 2016 the Royal Regiment will celebrate its 300th Anniversary. As part of the celebration of this significant milestone, we will conduct a west to east circumnavigation of the globe, commencing at our birth place in Woolwich in mid 2015, and finishing at our Regimental home in Larkhill.

A baton, designed to represent our 300 years, will be carried around the globe, before being presented to our Captain General when she reviews the Regiment at Larkhill on the date of our Foundation.

The circumnavigation will provide an exciting and unrivalled opportunity for all corners of the Regimental family: Regular, Reserve, Veterans (through the RAA) and RA capbadged UOTC, CCF and ACF units, to play their part in an incredible journey. We will also seek the support and engagement of Commonwealth

Artillery nations and our close Allies, alongside Industry Partners.

I urge you all to get involved, think imaginatively, seize the opportunity to lead and participate in an adventure to a far flung corner of our planet, and play your part in living up to the motto given to us by King William IV – Ubique. http://www.army.mod.uk/artillery/35659.aspx

See enclosed, http://www.army.mod.uk/documents/general/RA_300(1).pdf

The Gunner is the magazine of The Royal Regiment of Artillery , http://www.army.mod.uk/artillery/23539.aspx,

25th April (WWI) 2015 ANZAC day. Gallipoli and London (Specific UK Events TBC)

26th April 2015 Gallipoli Landings 100th Anniversary & Commemoration Service. Gallipoli Memorial Memorial Chapel, Holy Trinity Chuch, Eltham (Open to all)

1st May (UBIQUE 300) 2015 Launch event of the West to East circumnvaigation of the globe by Regimental teams carrying the Captain General's Baton. Woolwich (RA Regiments)

16th-18th June 2015 Mercers Troop & Sandham's Company Re-enactment. Colchester to Waterloo (Specific details TBC)

18th June 2015 Service of Commemoration. St Paul's Cathedral (Further details from St Paul's)

19th-20th June 2015 Regency Fair. St James's Square, London (Dates & details TBC)

28th June 2015 The Royal Artillery Freedom of Salisbury Parade (Open to all)

8th November 2015 RA Ceremony of Rememberance. The Royal Artillery Memorial, Hyde Park Corner (Open to all)

20 May (RA 300) 2016 Service of Thanksgiving. Salisbury Cathedral (Free admission, ticketed event. Open to RA Regular, Reserve, Veterans & their families. Tickets via Chain-of-Command and RA Associations)

26 May (RA 300) 2016 The Royal Artillery Review. Larkhill. (Free admission, ticketed event. Open to RA Regular, Reserve, Veterans & their families. Tickets via Chain-of-Command and RA Associations

30 July (RA 300) 2016 'Fire Power’ (Artillery Day). Larkhill (Ticketed event. Open to all. Date & Costs TBC)

13 November 2016 RA Ceremony of Remembrance. The Royal Artillery Memorial, Hyde Park Corner (Open to all)
Sunday 11 November 2018 (WW1) Armistice Day Centenary Commemorations. RA Ceremony of Remembrance. The Royal Artillery Memorial, Hyde Park Corner (Open to all)

Hyde Park RA Memorial Hyde Park Commemorating the 49,076 RA personnel who died in WWI, and the further 29,924 in WWII.

It was erected in 1925, designed by Charles Sargeant Jagger, the memorial offers an uncomprimising and unsentimental depiction of the reality of life and deat on the battlefield.

It was ahead of its time and has been described as 'at least as great a sculpture as Picasso's Guernica is a great painting'.
Every year the Royal Artillery conducts its rememberance service at its Hyde Park memorial.

'Gunners at War'

The Royal Regiment of Artillery - the 'RA' or the 'Gunners' - will be commemorating a number on centenary events called 'Gunners at War' during the period 2014 - 2018.

Details will appear on this page and through our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RoyalRegimentArtillery

Want to get involved? Look out for activities through this page and FB page. Propose new activities that you wish to organise, or make enquiries via artycen-RHQRA-Ubique300@mod.uk

Partners include -

The Army
Firepower Museum*
Royal Borough of Greenwich
Arsenal Football Club
Imperial War Museum
National Army Museum
Royal British Legion
Wiltshire Council
Commonwealth and Allied artilleries
Heritage Lottery Fund
Arts Council of England
English Heritage

*Firepower is a world-class museum within the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
It tells the dramatic story of artillery, scientific discovery, warfare, human endeavour, and the history of the Arsenal and Arsenal Football club.



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