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(6 January 2015)

The RAAHC has loaned a 25 Pdr gun to Hall Village (near Canberra) for display at their Memorial Grove


RAAHC Loans 25 Pdr Gun to Hall Village

The RAAHC is delighted to announce the loan of a 25 Pdr gun to Hall Village (near Canberra).  The long term loan agreement is with the Hall and District Collectors' Club - Village of Hall and District Progress Association, which plans to display the gun at the Hall Memorial Grove.

Loan of 25 Pounder to Hall Village, ACT

Photo: Members of the Hall and District Collectors' Club - Village of Hall and District Progress Association;
left to right - Bill Pearson, Dennis Greenwood, Ken Spencer, Andy Fulton and Bob Richardson (photo courtesy of Bill Pearson)


A grove of trees commemorates men from the district who served in World War One.  In the early 1920`s, seventeen trees of various species were planted in a memorial grove, commemorating the men from the Hall District who served in World War One.  Beside each tree is a square hardwood post with a plaque engraved with the name of a soldier.  The first plaque acknowledges a descendant of Henry Hall a pioneer of the district.

The Hall War Memorial was established by the Hall Village Rotary Club in 1992, in the Memorial Grove. The Memorial Grove hosts ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day services each year.

On 11 November 2014, RAAHC Board Member John Cox was invited to give the address at the Remembrance Day Ceremony, which was well attended by up to 150 locals. 

The loan is in accordance with the objectives of the RAAHC, in that it promotes the history and heritage of Australian artillery through the symbolism of the 25 Pdr gun at a commemorative site, which is important to the people of the Hall Community.  The RAAHC was assisted by the Army History Unit in finding a suitable gun.  Should the Hall Village community not require the gun at some time in the future, it will be returned to RAAHC.


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