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Distinguished Service Medal
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Distinguished Service Medal

Distinguished Service Medal (D.S.M.)

The Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) was introduced in 1991 and is awarded for distinguished leadership in action.


The DSM is a nickel-silver medal with a Federation Star on a circle of flames on the obverse. The reverse has a panel for recipient detail over a design of fluted rays of varying lengths.


The DSM ribbon has alternating stripes of silver-blue and ochre-red.

Further Awards

A further award of the DSM is denoted by a nickel- silver bar with the Federation Star on a horizontal row of flames. When the ribbon is worn alone, the award of a bar is indicated by a ribbon bar emblem in the form of a Federation Star on a nickel-silver disc.

Post Nominals

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Medal are entitled to the postnominal letters ‘DSM’. Recipients of a bar to the DSM add ‘and Bar’ to the postnominal.

Boswell Paul Warrant Officer Class Two 29 Commando Regiment 2010
Smith John Colonel Multi National Division, Iraq 2008

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