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Cross of Valour
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Cross of Valour

Cross of Valour (C.V.)

The Cross of Valour is awarded for acts of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril;

The Cross of Valour was established on 14 February 1975 to recognise acts of bravery in other than warlike situations.

The cross it self is gold containing two other cross forms. This was designed to depict it as a cross among crosses.

The Cross of Valour is ensigned with the Crown of Saint Edward and surmounted by the shield and crest of the Arms of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Cross is suspended from a ribbon by a bar inscribed "FOR VALOUR". The magenta ribbon is 38 millimetres wide and has a blood-red central band 16 millimetres wide.

The two reds in the ribbon are representing the colours of venous and arterial blood.

It may be awarded both to the military or civilians.

Since the establishment of this decoration in 1975, only five have been awarded

Post Nominals

Recipients of the Cross of Valour are entitled to the postnominal letters ‘CV’.


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