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Conspicuous Service Medal
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Conspicuous Service Medal

Conspicuous Service Medal (C.S.M.)

The Conspicuous Service Medal (C.S.M.) was introduced in 1989 to recognise meritorious achievement or devotion to duty in non-warlike situations.


The CSM is a nickel-silver medal with the obverse having a central device of the Southern Cross surrounded by a laurel wreath. The reverse has a horizontal panel for recipient details over a design of fluted rays.


The CSM ribbon has alternating narrow diagonal stripes of bush green and sandy gold.

Further Awards

A further award of the CSM is denoted by a nickel-silver bar with a superimposed central replica of the Medal flanked by laurel leaves. When the ribbon is worn alone, the award of a bar is indicated by the addition of a ribbon bar emblem in the form of the Medal.

Post Nominals

Recipients of the Conspicuous Service Medal are entitled to the postnominal letters ‘CSM’. Recipients of a bar to the CSM add ‘and Bar’ to the postnominal.

Abundo Jonathan Philip Major For meritorious devotion to duty as the Officer Commanding Proof and Experimental Establishment - Port Wakefield
Baker Stuart Warrant Officer Class Two Army Adventurous Training Wing 2012
Birse Dean   8/12 Medium Regiment 2007
Carmichael Stephen Warrant Officer Class One 20 Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment
Dunn Jeffery    
Grundell David Warrant Officer Class One Master Gunner New Equipment Training Team
Jarvis Jason Warrant Officer Class One 2015
Kellaway Brendan Major Australian Federation 2011
Kingsford Michael Colonel 4 Field Regiment 2008
McKenna Tim Lieutenant Colonel 1992
Plant Andrew Alfred Colonel For meritorious achievement as the Director of Operations and Chief of Staff of Headquarters Joint Task Force 633, Middle East Region, from October 2014 to July 2015
Potter Gary Colonel Defence Asbestos Inventory Tiger Team 2011
Scanlan Phillip Sergeant 16 Air Defence Regiment 2010
Seabrook Kelvin Stuart Major For meritorious achievement as the Staff Officer Grade Two, Joint Fires, Headquarters 2nd Division
Spring Michael Warrant Officer Class Two Directoriate of Operations 2008
Sullivan Matthew Warrant Officer Class One Land 17 Artillery Replacement Project 2010
Thompson Simon Warrant Officer Class One 1 Regiment

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