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Type of Gun: 150 mm Long Howitzer sFH 13
Location: Hunter Hill adjacent to the Council Chambers in Alexandra Street
GPS Location: 33° 50' 05.58" S - 151° 09' 21.28" E
Serial Number: 1177
Date of Manufacture: 1918
Manufacturer: Krupp
Calibre: 150 mm
Weight of Projectile: 40.5 kg
Range: 8,500 metres
Historical Specifics: This howitzer was captured by the 20th Australian Infantry Battalion, 1st AIF on La Motte Farm near Estrees, France in October 1918.  It shows signs of battle damage.

The 150 mm Heavy Howitzer was one of the most important pieces in the arsenal of the German Artillery. When war commenced in 1914 the majority were the old type sFH 02 models. In 1913, a new model sFH 13 was introduced. This new gun fired 8,500 metres, some 1000 metres longer than the old model 02.

The gun suffered from recoil problems and a number of misfires. A new variant with a longer barrel of L17 (17 x the calibre) was produced. At the end of the war Krupp and Rheinmetall had delivered 3.409 sFH13.
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The gun was originally located at the Hunter Hill RSL Club, 58 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill as shown on the picture to the left. It was moved to its new location, shown above, and placed on a plinth in March 2015 after a year-long refurbishment.

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