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Distribution of Obsolete Smooth Bore Guns

Distribution of Obsolete Smooth Bore Guns. Following the review in 1901 of guns held within each of the old Colonies a number of smooth bore guns were identified as being obsolete and it was agreed they should be disposed of by offering them to interested communities and organisations. The gun would be provided at no cost but applicants would be responsible for the cost of transportation and display of the guns. This list has been compiled from the letters contained in National Archives of Australia B168 1902/1344 file.  The file contains some 360 pages. Unfortunately the file is not complete. It appears that the allocation of some guns did not proceed. In Western Australia no guns were allotted as the only two available were considered too heavy to be moved but advice is given  a number of field guns were to become available in the near future.

To view the distribution of obsolete smooth bore guns for the various States and Territories use the links below:

a. Queensland  
b. New South Wales  
c. Australian Capitol Territory  
d. Victoria  
e. Tasmania  
f. South Australia  
g. Western Australia  
h. Northern Territory  

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