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Directory of Allocated Minenwerfer War Trophies - WW1

Following World War I weapons captured from German, Austria/Hungary and Turkish forces were distributed amongst the allied nations as reminders of the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers involved. In Australia Committees were set up in each state to manage the distribution. Some were retained for what would become the Australian War Memorial, others distributed to Army units to which the guns capture was linked and others to communities and schools. The type and size of the weapon allotted depended on the size of the town and conditions for allocation varied between States. Generally the community accepted responsibility to display the trophy, pay the cost of its transportation, arrange a ceremony to unveil the trophy and accept responsibility for its maintenance. Below is a list of the war trophy guns distributed throughout Western Australia in the 1920s and has been compiled from cards held by the Australian War Memorial.

To view the distribution of obsolete smooth bore guns for the various States and Territories use the links below:

a. Queensland  
b. New South Wales  
c. Australian Capitol Territory Nil allotted
d. Victoria  
e. Tasmania  
f. South Australia  
g. Western Australia  
h. Northern Territory Nil allotted

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